mfc-m-1 Linux.Conf.Au 2010 Conference Opening ogg ogm

Business of Open Source

mfc-m-2 - Ten Ways to Destroy Your Community - Josh Berkus ogg ogm
mfc-m-3 - Sharing Package Copyright and Licensing Data Effectively - Kate Stewart ogg ogm
mfc-m-4 - Get your personal financial house in order with gnucash - Jacinta Richardson ogg ogm
mfc-m-5 - Partnering with Hardware Companies for Open Software - Joel Stanley ogg ogm
mfc-m-6 - Accessibility requirements of software and implications for FOSS - Nic Steenhout ogg ogm
mfc-m-7 - The 100 Mile Client Roster - Emma Jane Hogbin ogg ogm
mfc-m-8 - Building a service business using open source software - Cameron Beattie ogg ogm
mfc-m-9 - Being an Upstart - building FLOSS compatible businesses - Arjen Lentz ogg ogm

Distro Summit

Civic-3-m1 - Quality assurance in Debian by Lucas Nussbaum ogg ogm
Civic-3-m2 - The state of the LSB by Bdale Garbee ogg ogm
Civic-3-m3 - by Martin F. Krafft ogg ogm
Civic-3-m4 - not yet available for download from this mirror
Civic-3-m5 - Unstructured Discussion ogg ogm
Civic-3-m6 - Source Juicer by Laszlo Peter ogg ogm
Civic-3-m7 - At First I was Afraid, I was Petrified...of Launchpad by Dustin Kirkland ogg ogm
Civic-3-m8 - The relationship between Debian and Ubuntu by Lucas Nussbaum ogg ogm