50348 - Tuesday Keynote - Gabriella Coleman - ogg ogm

Sysadmin Miniconf

mfc-tu-2 - Going mad with MDADM - Steven Ellis ogg ogm
mfc-tu-3 - System deployment and bare metal recovery by Clonezilla - Steven Shiau ogg ogm
mfc-tu-4 - Samba4: We now do AD replication with windows - Andrew Bartlett ogg ogm
mfc-tu-5 - Linux Containers: virtualization without overhead or strange patches - Sam Vilain ogg ogm
mfc-tu-6 - Being Lazy in a Large Organisation - Documentation by Wiki - Mark Suter ogg ogm
mfc-tu-7 - Behaviour driven monitoring with cucumber-nagios - Lindsay Holmwood ogg ogm
mfc-tu-8 - Lies, damn lies, statistics and benchmarks - Devdas Bhagat ogg ogm
mfc-tu-9 - Edubuntu - supervised and controlled learning in a fun and free environment - Craig Pearce ogg ogm
mfc-tu-10 - Developing and Managing Linux SOE Environments - Matthew Lye ogg ogm

Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconf

ftap-tu-1 - Erlang, MPI, and open standards by Lenz Gschwendtnerogg ogm
ftap-tu-2 - TBB - Open Sourcing a Model for Parallel Computing by James Reinders ogg ogm
ftap-tu-3 - View-Oriented Parallel Programming by Zhiyi Huang ogg ogm
ftap-tu-4 - Scientific high-performance computing by Matthias Meyer ogg ogm
ftap-tu-5 - Haskell and Multi-core by Stephen Blackheath ogg ogm
ftap-tu-6 - Automatic Parallelism in Mercury by Paul Bone ogg ogm
ftap-tu-7 - Titanic, Mars and Open New Zealand by Remo Williams ogg ogm
ftap-tu-8 - Hunting for the World’s Largest Known Prime Numbers by Rob Giltrap ogg ogm
ftap-tu-9 - Teaching Parallel Programming by James Reinders ogg ogm
ftap-tu-10 - Panel - Who needs Parallelism? Moderator Nicolai Erdy ogg ogm

Multimedia Miniconf

Civic-3-t-1 - Title Unknown - not yet available for download from this mirror Civic-3-t-2 - Lightning Talk 1 ogg ogm
Civic-3-t-3 - Lightning Talk 2 ogg ogm
Civic-3-t-4 - Lightning Talk 3 ogg ogm
Civic-3-t-5 - FOSS Manuals by Douglas Bagnall ogg ogm
Civic-3-t-6 - Status of Blu-Ray playback on Linux by Jan Schmidt ogg ogm
Civic-3-t-7 - Articulate: Adding expression to LilyPond MIDI output by Peter Chubb ogg ogm
Civic-3-t-8 - Thusnelda: Modernisng Theora: Timothy Terriberry ogg ogm