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DebConf proves too interesting

Rusty and co at the speakers dinner

Papa penguin and his chicks

Networking room in full swing

Wanna be a penguin like Dad!

The sweet success of sound

What's Adrian up to?

Mysterious runes in the penguin

The river beckons outside Arts

I ain't dead yet!

A happy micro-tute

Kate macarinas (the UTP shuffle)

Reality++ with GPS

The ECAWA team

SLPWA's el Presidente

Is 10 too young to drive?

Pia, pia, piaow!

Xan watches the man

James Bromberger to the fore

Legally geek

(Jeff) Waugh takes the crease

All y'all

Linux Oz 2003 Committee

The main gallery

Is at

* or at least freshly killed...