Footwear, Football, Foot Fetish: In Australia, we do things differently...

When? Where?

Tuesday, 13th January 2004, in the great city of Adelaide, in co-operation with Australia's premier Free Software and Open Source developer's conference,! Check out their site for all the details on the main conference. It's going to kick serious arse again!

Note that you must be attending the full conference to join in with the fun, not that you'd seriously consider missing the main event!

What? Why? Who? is a casual get together for GNOME lovers in Australia to meet with their favourite hackers and discuss all things GNOMEy. Who's coming? Well, the speakers below, a massive throng of mad, raving GNOME lovers, plus many other people who haven't told me yet! Be there! Here's what will be happening on the day:

Time Talk Dude
09:40 Welcome: Start, intros, welcome address Jeff Waugh
10:00 Ballet of The Modern Free Desktop: Havoc will illustrate - through modern dance and abstract poetry - the amazing progress of FOSS desktop development in recent times. This is a must-see event! [ Yeah, okay, he'll be cooking up something interesting on the flight over here. :-) ] Havoc Pennington
11:00 Preparing for Testing and Hacking on GNOME: Find out where to get all the cool stuff you need to test GNOME, how to build the very latest code to hack on, and all the tools we use in day-to-day GNOME hacking. This will get you started for Malcolm's tutorial on the GNOME Developer Platform on Wednesday! Glynn Foster &
Jeff Waugh
12:00 Python and GNOME: Not confirmed, but probably something to do with rapid development with GNOME and Python. ;-) James Henstridge
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Sun's Java Desktop: Find out what Glynn and Sun have been up to with the GNOME-based Java Desktop System, with demos! Glynn ensures me that they will be "exciting". Seriously! Glynn Foster
15:00 S-E-X-X-Y: Keith might be a giant? Of course he is! But at, he will demonstrate his latest giant contributions to the Open Source desktop stack! Keith Packard
16:00 Q&A Panel: Ask the speakers anything. Well, almost anything. It would probably help if you stayed on topic. But apart from that, here's your chance to find out everything you always wanted to know about GNOME, but were afraid to ask - right from the source! The Speakers

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