Python Mini-conf at 2004


8th January 2004: The Python miniconf programme is finally up.
8th October 2003: The LCA programme is up, and the Python miniconf is set to be held on Tuesday the 13th January. mini-confs

Australia's national Linux conference, 2004, will hold mini-conferences in the pre-conference period Monday Jan 12 and Tuesday Jan 13 2004 at the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, before the main conference.

Python mini-conf

One of the mini-confs is our Python mini-conference on Tuesday Jan 13. The Python mini-conference is for Python developers and we plan to take full advantage of the evening hackfests (and the l.c.a social life...)!

Attendance is covered by the main conference's fee, which in is:

The site has all the registration details.


The Python mini-conf is on Tuesday 13th January, and will be held in Napier G04.

Time Talk
9:00-10:00 Network Programming with Twisted -- Andrew Bennetts
python code
10:10-11:10 Python in Business -- Malcolm Tredinnick
11:20-11:50 CherryPy -- Chris Foote (no slides)
12:00-1:00 LUNCH
1:00-2:00 Python Judo -- Malcolm Tredinnick
2:10-2:40 IPv6 Programming with Python -- Trent Lloyd
2:50-5:00 Currently unscheduled

This schedule includes a 10 minute gap between talks in case talks run over time (and to provide the audience with a short break). Talks might start a little sooner or later than planned.