2013 Videos

We've released these videos as quickly as possible so that people can enjoy the many great talks at LCA this year, and so we can get our rendering gear out of the venue. We know some of these may have problems, but most of them are working and tested. Please let us know if there's anything that is mistitled, short or otherwise incorrect, as well as the ISP mirror you've downloaded the file from, and we'll deal with it as soon as possible.

Encoding is now complete

As of 25th February 2013, all videos are now considered complete and encoded in OGV, WebM and MP4 formats. If there are any videos that you think we've missed, that aren't covered in the errata below, then let us know and we'll try to fix it.

9th Feb update

I've re-rendered the folowing videos:

Most of these were cut short either because of render node failure or because, for reasons I don't yet understand, the cut list in veyepar had nonsensical cuts in it - using only 0:0:02 to 0:0:04 of a 47 minute video, for example. Hopefully this has resolved those problems; others, such as the speaker's lapel microphone cutting out in the Bufferbloat talk and getting only the room audio (which is still audible if soft), there's nothing I can do about - sorry :-)

14th Feb update

The following videos have been re-rendered (in both ogv and mp4).

I've also rendered the video for the Cloud Infrastructure, Linux Security, the Arduino Miniconf, and most of the Systems Administration minconf talks on Monday.

17th February update

I've fixed a few render failures:

I've also finished Monday's miniconf talks and the Open Government Tuesday miniconf.

24th February update

All the Miniconf video is now rendered. I'm still waiting on permission from Denise to release the Impostor Syndrome talk complete - she may prefer to only release her talk and not the audience participation section at the end. The rest are now on the mirrors. I've also fixed the following problems:

I've also started producing WebM files, and will be gradually working through producing that format for the rest of the conference. I've also marked up and encoded the Linux Australia AGM.

28th February update

We've got permission to release the video of the Overcoming Impostor Syndrome talk; we wanted to make sure that Denise and other people were comfortable that the audience participation section at the end wasn't inadvertently leaving anyone in the audience exposed or discredited, and that it was OK according to our diversity and fairness guidelines. Everyone is happy with it, so it's released to the world :-)

All WebM video is now rendered and released. As a last challenge to myself I looked at actually adding the metadata we put in the Ogg videos - author, title, organization, date and location - into the WebM and MP4. However, despite using the correct (AFAICS) values of the -metadata keyword, VLC and Mplayer both show no values for any of the metadata I'm putting in there, so unless someone can tell me how to set that from an ffmpeg command line, I'm going to leave it as Will Not Fix.

Things we can't fix:

Videos we know have problems but will fix:

Thanks to everyone who's reported problems. The overall response to getting the videos up quickly rather than perfectly has been very positive - thanks for your support!

Paul Wayper, AV Wrangler

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[VID]15MW_and_3600_penguins_in_a_room_Supercomputing_at_ANU.webm2013-03-04 14:53 93M 
[VID]A_New_Linux_Platform_Hardware_and_Software.webm2013-03-04 14:54 84M 
[VID]After_Arduino.webm2013-03-04 14:53 86M 
[VID]Aint_No_Party_Like_A_Unix_Party.webm2013-03-04 14:53 92M 
[VID]All-around_OpenStack_storage_with_Ceph.webm2013-03-04 14:53 62M 
[VID]An_Introduction_to_Linux_IPC_Facilities.webm2013-03-04 14:54 198M 
[VID]AngularJS_and_the_new_web_development_ecosystem.webm2013-03-04 14:54 54M 
[VID]Another_look_at_scaling_monitoring.webm2013-03-04 14:54 42M 
[VID]ArduSat_Open_Source_in_orbit.webm2013-03-04 14:54 104M 
[VID]Arduino_Miniconf_Afternoon.webm2013-03-04 14:54 152M 
[VID]Arduino_Miniconf_Morning.webm2013-03-04 14:54 159M 
[VID]Audio_Video_encoding_and_the_clapperWebCamRecorder.webm2013-03-04 14:55 72M 
[VID]Bare_metal_provisioning_with_OpenStack.webm2013-03-04 14:55 30M 
[VID]Beyond_Alt_Text_What_Every_Project_Should_Know_About_Accessibility.webm2013-03-04 14:55 196M 
[VID]Big_and_Little_Endian_inside_out.webm2013-03-04 14:55 97M 
[VID]Browser_Panel_session.webm2013-03-04 14:55 96M 
[VID]Browsers_and_HTML5_video_accessibility.webm2013-03-04 14:55 58M 
[VID]Bufferbloat_from_a_Plumbers_point_of_view.webm2013-03-04 14:55 85M 
[VID]Building_Persona_federated_and_privacy-sensitive_identity_for_the_Web.webm2013-03-04 14:56 98M 
[VID]Building_a_free_software_telemetry_radio_system.webm2013-03-04 14:56 110M 
[VID]Building_an_Appliance_on_Android.webm2013-03-04 14:56 51M 
[VID]CWDM_Coarse_Wave_Division_Multiplexing.webm2013-03-04 14:57 45M 
[VID]Ceph_Managing_A_Distributed_Storage_System_At_Scale.webm2013-03-04 14:56 91M 
[VID]Ceph_object_storage_block_storage_file_system_replication_massive_scalability_and_then_some.webm2013-03-04 14:56 208M 
[VID]Checkpoint_and_Restore_are_we_there_yet.webm2013-03-04 14:56 66M 
[VID]Code_up_your_own_video_conference_in_HTML5.webm2013-03-04 14:56 89M 
[VID]Communicating_with_third_parties.webm2013-03-04 14:56 17M 
[VID]Concurrent_Programming_is_not_so_difficult.webm2013-03-04 14:57 69M 
[VID]Concurrent_Programming_with_the_Disruptor.webm2013-03-04 14:57 69M 
[VID]Conference_Closing.webm2013-03-04 14:57 94M 
[VID]Conference_Closing_Lightning_Talks.webm2013-03-04 14:57 80M 
[VID]Configuration_Management_with_Ansible.webm2013-03-04 14:57 24M 
[VID]Copyright_assignment_and_governance_hints.webm2013-03-04 14:57 33M 
[VID]Copyrights_Dark_Clouds_Optus_v_NRL.webm2013-03-04 14:57 117M 
[VID]Crowdsourcing_upstream_refactoring.webm2013-03-04 14:57 79M 
[VID]CyberWar_Mo_Money_Mo_Problems.webm2013-03-04 14:57 65M 
[VID]Defeating_Cross-Site_Scripting_attacks_with_Content_Security_Policy.webm2013-03-04 14:57 39M 
[VID]Delivering_IaaS_with_Apache_CloudStack.webm2013-03-04 14:58 80M 
[VID]Designing_a_Verifiable_and_Accessible_Electronic_Voting_System.webm2013-03-04 14:58 95M 
[VID]Designing_an_efficient_runtime_library_for_AVR_microcontrollers.webm2013-03-04 14:58 60M 
[VID]Droids_that_talk_Pairing_Codec2_and_Android.webm2013-03-04 14:58 58M 
[VID]Educating_girls_about_FOSS_with_FOSS.webm2013-03-04 14:58 69M 
[VID]Embedding_everything_in_everything_for_fun_and_profit.webm2013-03-04 14:58 57M 
[VID]Enabling_Compute_Clusters_atop_OpenStack.webm2013-03-04 14:58 46M 
[VID]Field_Trialling_the_Serval_Project_with_New_Zealand_Red_Cross.webm2013-03-04 14:58 50M 
[VID]Free_and_open_source_software_and_activism.webm2013-03-04 14:58 101M 
[VID]Fun_with_GStreamer_Pipelines.webm2013-03-04 14:59 79M 
[VID]Future_directions_for_the_X_Window_System.webm2013-03-04 14:59 104M 
[VID]Geeks_rule_over_kings_the_Distributed_Democracy.webm2013-03-04 14:59 100M 
[VID]Getting_older_Tips_tricks_for_designing_inclusive_open_source_user_interfaces.webm2013-03-04 14:59 91M 
[VID]Getting_started_with_a_Podcast.webm2013-03-04 14:59 108M 
[VID]Getting_your_talk_accepted_write_a_convincing_talk_proposal.webm2013-03-04 14:59 41M 
[VID]Git_For_Ages_4_And_Up.webm2013-03-04 15:00 206M 
[VID]Git_not_just_for_source_code_anymore.webm2013-03-04 15:00 88M 
[VID]Graphics_from_Gamepads_Guitars_and_Gadgets_Galore.webm2013-03-04 15:00 99M 
[TXT]HEADER.html2013-03-04 15:00 8.2K 
[VID]Heat_Orchestrating_multiple_cloud_applications_on_OpenStack_using_templates.webm2013-03-04 15:00 96M 
[VID]How_Mozilla_draws_the_line_between_configuration_and_data_while_using_configuration_management_tools.webm2013-03-04 15:00 64M 
[VID]How_OSS_technology_to_help_UTSIT_to_build_a_virtualized_networking_lab.webm2013-03-04 15:00 35M 
[VID]How_to_Fix_a_Font.webm2013-03-04 15:00 92M 
[VID]How_to_make_almost_anything_go_faster.webm2013-03-04 15:01 77M 
[VID]How_to_use_Puppet_like_an_Adult.webm2013-03-04 15:01 86M 
[VID]Implementing_Threaded_Accelerated_Compositing_in_WebKit_GTK+.webm2013-03-04 15:01 60M 
[VID]Intro_to_Swift_for_New_Contributors.webm2013-03-04 15:01 56M 
[VID]Introduction_and_State_of_MobileFOSS.webm2013-03-04 15:01 71M 
[VID]Introduction_to_FirefoxOS.webm2013-03-04 15:01 49M 
[VID]Introduction_to_OpenStack.webm2013-03-04 15:01 78M 
[VID]Keynote_Andrew_Bunnie_Huang.webm2013-03-04 15:01 92M 
[VID]Keynote_Radia_Perlman.webm2013-03-04 15:01 109M 
[VID]LTTng_20_Advanced_Linux_tracing_for_everyone.webm2013-03-04 15:02 87M 
[VID]Less_flack_moar_hack_audio_problems.webm2013-03-04 15:02 41M 
[VID]LibreOffice_distributions_and_packaging.webm2013-03-04 15:02 71M 

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