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February 6 - 9 2000
University of Qld,
Brisbane, Australia

Wednesday 6th February: Tutorials

Linux Kernel Hacking
Rusty Russell
Introduction to Audio DSP on Linux
Erik de Castro Lopo
Thin Clients using the Linux Terminal Server Project
Robert Stanford
PHP Tutorial
Rasmus Lerdorf
Two Open Source Databases
Gavin Sherry
Centralised authentication on Linux using OpenLDAP
Del Elson

Thursday 7th February: Day One

Keynote: Ten Years of SAMBA
Andrew Tridgell & Jeremy Allison
Linux USB - Past, Present and Future
Brad Hards
Slashcode Without Much Pain
Chris DiBona
Auditing software for fun and profit
Andrew van der Stock
Why BSD is better than Linux
Greg Lehey
An infrastructure for authentication in KNFSD
Neil Brown
Tinmith Augmented Reality
Wayne Piekarski
Technology behind the Debian "testing" distribution
Anthony Towns
uClinux - Micro-controller Linux
Greg Ungerer
cfengine and FAI - Managing and Building 100s of Servers
John Ferlito
Blurring boundaries with User-mode Linux
Jeff Dike
PVC: An Adventure in Embedded Linux & AdminMod and opensource gaming
Alfred Reynolds
iproxy: Running TCP services over UDP
Simon Horman
IPv4X Networking Session

Friday 8th February: Day Two

Keynote: Computing Fallacies
Michi Henning
Scaleable Display Technology from Desktops to Phones - Evas
Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler
Debian hppa/ia64 ports
Bdale Garbee
Wireless networking with Linux and IEEE 802.11b
David Gibson
The role of open source solutions on the third world
Adilson Oliveira
What is new in MySQL?
David Axmark
The future of ext2 and ext3
Theodore Ts'o
Samba 3.0 and Active Directory
Andrew Tridgell
GCC Internals
Alan Modra
The FlightGear Flight Simulator Project
David Findlay
The Future of Linux Packet Filtering
Rusty Russell
The Journalling Flash File System
David Woodhouse
Machine Automation Tools
Jiri Baum
Conference Dinner: Electronic Frontiers Australia
Irene Graham

Saturday 9th February: Day Three

Keynote: Ten Years of Linux
Theodore Tso
Repeats: Best Talks of 2002.
WIP: Self Organising Locality of Reference Peer-to-Peer API
Paul Jankowski
WIP: Big Blue Penguins
Martin Schwenke
WIP: Optimising the idle loop
Stephen Rothwell
WIP: LyX: The Document Processor
Allan Rae
WIP: libferris
Ben Martin
WIP: Internationalising Red Hat
Paul Gampe
WIP: Portable.NET
Rhys Weatherley
WIP: The Circle
Paul Harrison
WIP: SE linux
Russell Coker
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