The IPv6 Mini-Conference and Workshop will be running over two days, the first day will be sessions of talks from various developers and initiators in the IPv6 community. The second day is a 'workshop', it is focusing on setting up IPv6 on your laptop/PDA/toaster for those who are new to IPv6 and some more advanced talks for those who know a lot about IPv6 and want to know some more advanced things.

Day 1 Monday January 12, 2004

Time Title Presenter
10:00 Welcome Mike Biber
Chair, IPv6 Forum Australia
10:05 Introduction to IPv6
A broad coverage of the principles of IPv6 from the ground up which will allow anyone who has never touched IPv6 before to understand the basics, how to use it, what you can do with it and how it works.
Trent Lloyd
10:40 Morning Tea
Provided for you
11:00 Mobile IPv6 and 3G/4G Mobility Solimon Hesham
11:40 Modelling IPv6 under Linux
IPv6 simulation Notes
Ahmet Sekercioglu
Monash Uni, Melbourne
12:20 Lunch
One hour lunch time, no catering is provided you will need to find your own source of lunch, there are plenty of places around
13:30 TBA TBA
14:00 IPv6 for Applications
Peter Tattum
Trumpet International
14:30 TBA TBA
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Provided for you, move to the Robing Room for the afternoon sessions following afternoon tea
15:30 IPv6 Status in Australia Mike Biber
Asia Pacific Networx
16:00 Official launch of IPv6 Forum Mike Biber
Chair, IPv6 Forum Australia
16:30 ISOC-AU Support Tony Hill
17:00 Panel session
All available speakers with attendees - general question and answer/discussion session over drinks
18:30 End of day one

Day 2 Tuesday January 13, 2004

Time Title Presenter
10:00 IPv6 101 Hands-on
ipv6 device configuration
ipv4 multicast demo
AARNET IPv6 Tunnel Broker
Designed for people who are new to IPv6, probably aren't a computer whiz or interested in the technical size and simply want to get involved and enjoy its benefits as easily as possible

Bring along your internet-connectable PDA, Laptop or Internet Toaster and we'll get it configured to use IPv6 and show you what you can do
John Barlow
Trent Lloyd
13:00 IPsec
An overview of IPsec, what it does, how it works, why you should use it as well as demonstrations of its use
13:30 IPv6 Global Routing
An overview of routing protocols available for IPv6, a view on the global status of IPv6 routing as well as what you can use for local routing.
14:00 Issues with IPv6
We've just spent the last 2 days telling you how good IPv6 is, now lets unwind and look at some of the issues with IPv6 and what you can do to help solve them
18:30 End of day two  
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