| The Organisers

Enshrined in this corner, is a tribute to the people who dedicated over year of their life to make 2003 the biggest and best ever.

James Bromberger

Mr. Head Honcho. Co-chair. Credit/blame him for it all.

Tony Breeds-Taurima

Mr. Evil. Co-chair. Also credit/blame him for it all.

Mark Tearle

Mr. Organised

Bernard Blackham

Mr. Scribble

Nick Bannon

Mr. Timelord

Anand Kumria

Mr. Mister

James Henstridge


Mark Gaynor

Mr. Soldering Iron

Davyd "proXy" Madeley

Mr. "the first thing I do is change my root password to password"

Trent "Lathiat" Lloyd

Mr. IPv6

James Andrewartha


Leon Brooks

Mr. Lens

Adrian Woodley

Mr. Arpspoof
... and to so many more that pitched in along the way, thank you!
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