2003 | Utilities

Speex decoders

All of the files here were linked from They were the latest at the time of publication - newer versions will probably have been released since, so check the websites first.

Linux binaries

speexdec Basic speex decoder/player (statically linked)
Source: speex-1.0rc3.tar.gz XMMS plugin (copy into ~/.xmms/Plugins/)
Source: speex-xmms-
NB: this plugin requires that you have the speex and ogg libraries installed.

Windows binaries

Downloaded from:
speexdec.exe Command-line speex decoder/player (from
in_speex.exe Speex WinAmp 2.xx plugin v0.7.3
cnv_speex.exe Speex WinAmp 3.0 (build 495) plugin v0.7.3

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