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Using Sweep: Fun with Scrubby

Conrad Parker

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This is an introductory tutorial about using Sweep for editing and experimenting with digital audio. You will find out how to make your Linux box make sounds that you have never heard before, and you might also learn something useful about editing audio files.

Although Sweep is quite powerful, it is an easy to use desktop application and its interface contains none of the esoteric "weird shit" common in audio software.

Sweep harbours a pesky little virtual stylus tool called "Scrubby" who will invade your mind and make you want to remix your entire CD collection in one day.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • basic audio editing
  • how to use many free LADSPA effects plugins including compression, delays, distortion and filters
  • immersive loop mode recording
  • beatmixing and scrubbing technique
  • how to play with digital sampling

WARNING: after attending this tutorial, you may never use your Linux box quite the same way again!

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