2003 | Abstracts

The Ins and Outs of PostgreSQL

Gavin Sherry

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PostgreSQL is one of the most sophisticated open source relational databases. It provides excellent performance, a large number of features, adherence to international standards, ease of installation and maintenance and more.

This tutorial will:

  1. Provide a brief introduction to the database itself
  2. Survey the features of the database including: extensive support for SQL92 and SQL99, transactions and multiversion concurrency control, support for many hardware and software platforms, sub-selects, views, cursors, user-defined functions and types, and full backend extensibility
  3. Show how to install, configure, start and stop the database server
  4. Survey PostgreSQL's SQL extensions
  5. Look at the C client library for Postgres, with examples of the usage of all functions
  6. Explain procedural languages -- in particular, PL/PgSQL: the Postgres procedural language
  7. Review the Server Programming Interface (SPI) for backend extensibility
  8. Provide extensive examples of code where relevant

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