2003 | Abstracts

Sequel Syndrome: The GNOME Project Grows Up

Jeff Waugh

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The GNOME 2.0 Desktop & Developer Platform is now widely regarded as GNOME's best release to date. Two years in the making, it represents a massive investment in our core technology, and the maturation of the GNOME Project as a whole.

This talk will cover major software enhancements such as accessibility, the emphasis on usability and minimalism, and our new developer platform; plus broader issues such as project management, corporate involvement, and the changing face of The GNOME Project.

Jeff Waugh is the head beekeeper of the GNOME Release Team, President of the Sydney Linux User's Group, and was on the organising committee for LCA2001. In his spare time, he is an IT consultant specialising in Free Software (on servers *and* desktops). He is especially pleased to see the keen-bean Perthies take on, given their drunken enthusiasm for hosting it way back in 2001.

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