2003 | Abstracts

ARQuake - Outdoor Augmented Reality Gaming

Wayne Piekarski

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This talk will present the ARQuake system developed at the Wearable Computer Lab of the University of South Australia. Using a head mounted display, high resolution tracking devices, a mobile backpack computer, and a modified version of the infamous Quake game, users can go outside and play games against virtual and real opponents in the physical world.

We discuss the modifications which were made to the original GPL'd Quake source code, implementing new features such as interfaces to absolute body tracking devices, real time overlays from a head mounted video camera, and the removal of keyboards and mice since these devices are not available outdoors.

We will be showing videos of the system in action, and also plan to bring the entire Tinmith mobile augmented reality backpack to demonstrate the technology to the masses at the conference. More information on ARQuake can be found at

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